Sunday, 13 March 2011

Oh Keira

Hi everyone! So as you know life has been getting me slightly down of late and I went out with my drama class to see 'The Children's Hour' starring Keira Knightley and a few other famous names. The play was really good! I have to admit thought the first half was a little bit slow, I loved the set design. I was also a little dissapointed with Keira's accent she kept losing it. Nevertheless it was a good play definitely one of the better ones I've seen. Afterwards me and the class went and stood by the stage door, something I didn't know you could do! So I stood there with my camera and managed to get a few pictures! Unfortunately my camera was on the wrong mode and I didn't even realise. I guess Keira could be seen as a 'fashion icon' I don't know I haven't really noticed her style before. Before she came out I got to see Lisa Backwell from Skins series 3 and 4, she was so nice but no one seemed to care apart from me when she came out!?
So eventually after freezing in the cold Keira did emerge being stormed with camera flashes and pictures taken, I got my ticket signed and a few pictures of her but some of my friends further back didn't. She was only out for two seconds, she said 'Is everyone done,' and everyone replied NO and she got into her big jeep and drove off. However one girl wouldn't have any of it and chased after her before she got in the car!
Coming home I noticed my sister had the latest copy of elle which Keira's face was splashed upon, funny girl. All of this crazy attention made me ask myself a question, how could anyone take this on a day to day level. So although we all like to criticise celebs really we should be in awe of them even more than usual because they put up with so much! But please some of them could be a little nicer to their fans! What do you think? Ty for reading ~ 
It was ridiculously fun standing outside!
Sign your Soul on the line
She had pretty nice features up close I guess


a!k0 said...

Ughh lucky lad ;) I guess I never am into her but she is pretty. I wish she could not be so skinny..I am effin jealous ;) Yes I agree they could be a lil more nicer but then again then she would be standing there for hours on end! I guess we need to be in their shoes, wonder if I could ever turn down or be mean? :P I am glad you enjoyed yourself although too bad the camera was in the wrong mode.. :)


Gertrude said...

Wow she's so beautiful! Didn't know she cut her hair that short! x

Christina said...

I cant believe she just drove off! Wow, that is super mean. I know they have to put up with a lot but still, an "Im sorry" would have been nice.


Airam González said...

Hi!! Firstly, i'm sorry because my english isn't very well but... I need post a comment on your blog!
Congratulations! I like your blog more and more whith each post...

Greetings from Madrid

Courtney said...

I've always been a major Keira Knightly fan, i think she's an amazingg actress and so elegant! It was very rude of her to rush off, but i supoose she is only human, and sometimes the pressure must mount up and you want to get out of the situation asap. Not being funny but i wouldn't want my photo being taken at every possible oppurtunity. The first photo i'm assuming is of her in your sisters Elle magazine, she looks absolutely phenomonal, amazing cheekbones that woman has! xx

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

oh goodness I feel so badly for big stars who get so stalked and deal with loads of flashing lights all the time.

It is annoying when people can't hold accents or do them properly sometimes. I guess some accents are harder to do than others depending on where you are from. . .although I get amazed at how well some british people do american accents.

我 MOI said...

Oh what a beautiful photo you have taken, I adore the lights buzzing around, makes it seem so retro.

Lukcy you, you got to watch the play, I was trying to get tickets but I couldn't fopr ages. Glad you enjoyed it though. But how unprofessional of Keira to keep losing the accent she was playing. I guess on the big screen you can keep re-shooting but in theatre there's no second chance.

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