Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I love my family

My family are amazing when It comes down to it at the rest of the day. No matter how sad, disappointed  or moody I am they put up with me. Guys I'm having a really hard time right now and just can't seem to get any inspiration to write anything decent. I'm sorry but I just feel no one cares anymore and that putting everything I'm doing online isn't such a great Idea. I used to love the place cherish it and all but I don't know any more. What do you think I should do pleasepleaseplease comment as my studies are getting on top of me and bits of depression and so on and so forth. I just really want to be back here but not like this


Christina said...

Its a really difficult question, and I totally understand where you're coming from. Putting your life out there for every one to read can be a little weird and may seem unnecessary since you're really posting for complete strangers. I'd say that if you dont enjoy blogging any more, stop. When posting becomes a burden or too scheduled, when not posting seems like the end of the world, the very essence of blogging is lost, and it may be a good idea just to take a breather from the blog world to clear your head. It doesnt mean you have to come back, nor does it mean you have to apologize for leaving. Just do it.

That's my best advice. On the flip side though, even though it may not seem like it, you meet great people who do care about you through blogs. Maybe we all arent physically with you to help you through the tough times but we are here and thats the great thing about blogs. If you feel like you need more than an internet connection go to conferences, or plan physical meet ups with your favorite readers. If that is too much, perhaps get a few of their phone numbers and text them or email them. There are ways to connect and foster the relationships you make online.

I for one, hope you stay and will miss you if you go.


[Alyse] JXL said...

If blogging is a burden, then stop doing it. At the end of the day, you are really blogging for yourself. Also, what does it matter whether people care about what you write on your blog? It's YOUR blog. Do what you want with it, write what you want, regardless of how large or small an audience you get. Writing a blog to get a larger audience or to get more followers/comments isn't really how you should go about a blog anyways. When people blog and ask for others to follow or comment, it just seems to reek of desperation. I think blogs like that really just lose their soul. Do what you want to do, regardless of whether people "care" or not.

Besides, it's just a bunch of strangers you are meeting online to be realistic and bit callous here. Everyone calls them "friends" or "blogger friends," but at the end of the day, it's strangers online. Do you seriously care what someone you have only talked to on twitter or on blogger think about you anyways? It's really easy for people to leave a bunch of comments and seem like they are caring. Real caring takes real effort and you find that through people you meet in the real world. Making friends on the internet doesn't really take all that much effort in comparison to real life friends, you know?

Our opinions on what YOU should do don't really matter. This is your blog, your space, your words. Do what makes you happy and fuck what everyone else thinks.

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