Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Feeling Blue as the sky

Took this a while back as well, In winter, why can't I force myself outside to take pictures this year then?
Macy Gray - I Try
How's life? People ask, I always reply 'good' to such questions. After all, my school life is bearable, I have my hobbies to keep me occupied, I have good friends I can talk to, my sleep is always good, and there's usually always something to eat or watch on the television. For me on an everyday basis this is all I need to have a 'good' life. But whenever my answer to that question is 'Brilliant' it's usually because I've got out of my daily routine a little and reached out a little further. I hate saying this every time I put up a post but I'm just dreaming about the sun touching my skin and the smell of pollen making me sneeze. The second is an odd request but only happens once a year, so it's allowed to be missed. So for now I'm not feeling bad but 'good' yet I'll strive to be living 'brilliantly' if that makes any sense. On a side note, I think I have physically lost the will to take self portraits, which is rather sad as I did enjoy taking them every now and then, just hmm well I don't know. I think I need to be focusing more on work at the minute as it is essential I learn how to get the hang of all these equations in Chemistry. So less posting from me, perhaps once a week, twice if your lucky!

'Ashton Kutcher's hair
managed to annoy me throughout
the whole film'
So the last week I watched 'What happens in Vegas' it had Cameron Diaz in it which made it easy on the eyes, but Ashton Kutchers hair managed to annoy me throughout the whole film. It was all about two pairs of friends who got double booked into one room and end up spending some time in Vegas together, and one thing leads to another and Cameron and Ashton end up marrying each other. They then win the slot machine jackpot making things even more complicated AND the judge refuses to give them a divorce and forces them to 'make the marriage work'. It was tedious, slow and a bit odd in parts. However definitely some funny moments. Unfortunately I didn't get the romantic chemistry between the two leading actors, I got more of a friend vibe. Would I watch it again? No, but for what it was it was perfectly ok. 2.8/5 Stars

I have quite a few events planned for the near future, some exciting involvement with Greece perhaps? We'll see. Oh! Before I forget go check out this lovely feature written by Emma : http://wintagenetvoodle.blogspot.com/2011/01/say-my-name-sunday_30.html It's all about how I came up with the name of my blog, was going to post here in the future but whatever, go check it out! I'll have some nice picks from Asos for you next post, and these images are from my portfolio which were all taken a while back in different places! Check the Upcoming events if you want a sneek peek at what I might be posting about! What do you say when people ask 'How's life?' Let me know in the comments below! Please follow/comment/hype/love/share thanks for reading! ~
Watching a world being eaten up by it's own greed
From the chicks shoot remember that?


Courtney said...

Another beautiful post Chris! Shame about the movie not being as good as you'd hoped, i wanted to see it, but after this review, not to sure now!
I'ma read Emma's post now, :)
Also... beautiful photos.. as always! xx

Christina said...

i really hope we are lucky and you post more than once a week. i really love your blog. heres to hoping that you are "brilliant" soon!

xo christina

Melissa said...

another fabulous post!! i had a look at your photography portfolio...so amazing! very talented! x

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

3rd shot is amazing!
I want a lens 50mm f1.2 but is too expensive :S


Cylia said...

that little chicken is so darn cute:) haha.. I'm such a Disney freak. I'm all about randomness:) but more of an old skool Disney fan, like the little mermaid, beauty and the beast etc.

oomph. said...

it really is easy for us to get caught up in the "good" life. i know what you mean about feeling great when you do something outside the norm...i need to strive for brilliance...at least once a week, lol.

and the picture of the "church"...the building you see is acually King Lunalilo Mausoleum which is on the grounds of Kawaiaha'o Church. i was driving by in my car...but inside, the grounds are beautifully landscaped with trees and other plants endemic to hawaii.


chiara-xoxo said...

oh cute :))

okay, my english is not so good but i try
love your blogg
and i just can advise it , these are so delicious

i hope you could understand it :DD :*

HeelFly said...

really beautiful these images :) the sun reflected in the sea.. really cute
just a sign of my passing :)
xoxo FF

我 MOI said...

Your post reminds me of what my papa always says to me. In life there are only three things you can wish for, happiness, good appetite and ability to sleep well because when you are unhappy, cannot eat and don't get a good nights sleep, your day never really begins because your always waiting for it to end.

Christina said...

thanks so much! & thats why i am also following you on twitter! you are definitely one of the blogs i check daily.
xo christina

Fábio Paulos said...

I liked the pictures, congratulations on your blog, if you can visit my blog

Froso M. said...

Another beautiful post written by you! I watched "What happens in Vegas" and I didn't like it at all... Greece is waiting for you!

Larissa said...

amazing music! i kept looping it haha.
beautiful photos! and greece sounds wonderful! i'd love to visit myself!


The Science Fair said...

Your photos are beautiful! Looking forward to checking out more!

Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog today. Oh, and I think you can still get the chair at Ikea! : )

Have a great weekend!

Emily D said...

gah I really like that photo of you sitting by the water. I wished I lived close to something like that.

a!k0 said...

I love that pigeon picture! How did you get that picture?! :) You know I wouldn't say this years ago but I actually miss school. It's one of the worse/good time of my life :) Conflicting interest ;) I always wanted to watch that movie, but thanks for the review I think I didn't miss much ;)



Viki said...

I'm defenetly in love with your pictures

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