Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I love my family

My family are amazing when It comes down to it at the rest of the day. No matter how sad, disappointed  or moody I am they put up with me. Guys I'm having a really hard time right now and just can't seem to get any inspiration to write anything decent. I'm sorry but I just feel no one cares anymore and that putting everything I'm doing online isn't such a great Idea. I used to love the place cherish it and all but I don't know any more. What do you think I should do pleasepleaseplease comment as my studies are getting on top of me and bits of depression and so on and so forth. I just really want to be back here but not like this

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Oh Keira

Hi everyone! So as you know life has been getting me slightly down of late and I went out with my drama class to see 'The Children's Hour' starring Keira Knightley and a few other famous names. The play was really good! I have to admit thought the first half was a little bit slow, I loved the set design. I was also a little dissapointed with Keira's accent she kept losing it. Nevertheless it was a good play definitely one of the better ones I've seen. Afterwards me and the class went and stood by the stage door, something I didn't know you could do! So I stood there with my camera and managed to get a few pictures! Unfortunately my camera was on the wrong mode and I didn't even realise. I guess Keira could be seen as a 'fashion icon' I don't know I haven't really noticed her style before. Before she came out I got to see Lisa Backwell from Skins series 3 and 4, she was so nice but no one seemed to care apart from me when she came out!?
So eventually after freezing in the cold Keira did emerge being stormed with camera flashes and pictures taken, I got my ticket signed and a few pictures of her but some of my friends further back didn't. She was only out for two seconds, she said 'Is everyone done,' and everyone replied NO and she got into her big jeep and drove off. However one girl wouldn't have any of it and chased after her before she got in the car!
Coming home I noticed my sister had the latest copy of elle which Keira's face was splashed upon, funny girl. All of this crazy attention made me ask myself a question, how could anyone take this on a day to day level. So although we all like to criticise celebs really we should be in awe of them even more than usual because they put up with so much! But please some of them could be a little nicer to their fans! What do you think? Ty for reading ~ 
It was ridiculously fun standing outside!
Sign your Soul on the line
She had pretty nice features up close I guess

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Light Floods

Ooooh look at me posing, aha!
Corrine Bailey Rae's cover - I Wanna Be Your Lover
Still computer less for now! I'm carrying around my life on a hard disk! It's quite different I feel like a travelling person, or like a bird you could say. Looking for my home. Any how! One day when the light was beaming through my window I was determined to get back into shooting self portraits, they are good ways of putting through emotions and feelings whilst portraying a sense of style even though they aren't polished and head to toe like looks on lookbook. I find shooting those awfully difficult . So I messed around on Manual mode and really managed to get some interesting light and angles going into the camera. This Leads me on to my topic of the post, there I went from wanting to do something in my day to taking these light inspired photos! Just because a few rays of light found their way into my room. Light really changes everything it touches what an amazing effect a little like snow.

Light helps plants grow, which helps the rest of the animals function. Light can provide energy, cheer people up and help people see clearly. It's amazing, just like water light is essential. Not to mention the thousands of people just like me who are inspired and amazed by something as 'basic' but brilliant such as light.As a photogrpaher, I need to learn how to control and manipulate light for it to work to my effect, you could almost say it's like a love affair between any photographer and light.

The shots are quite 'glam' which isn't usually me but it was hard to match up to the light so bold positions was the only way to stand out in the frame. I do miss having my face more often on my blog, as it makes it feel mine. Latest happenings have been around school and repairing everything that's broken really. Feeling unusually sleepy this week also. But nevertheless excited once again for the future! Trip planning is going well and have some more london pictures to show you guys from Sunday's little love art trip! Here are the rest of the pictures from the light spells! Please don't forget to comment/love/share/hype/follow! Ty ~
Oh and on another note, how amazing is this cover of Prince's song? Such an upbeat romance song! Love it!

The cloudscape we live under really gives amazing images for us to live under!
I would prefer a swan in my place, but I had to use what was available 
The cloud looked layered, darkest, dark, Light and glowing!

Monday, 14 February 2011

{Valentine's post} Love exhibition at the Darkroom

Roses are red
Mumford & Sons - Winter Winds
Small but brilliantly detailed
Been a while again, yes? Well you are all really quite lucky I managed to get this up today because my laptop is broken! Not completely but the internet on it is dead slow, and I mean really dead slow. It took an hour to upload one of the images. So here I am sitting on a tiny keyboard on my sisters netbook. On Sunday I managed to pop down to the Darkroom for a look at their 'love' exhibition which was all for charity. There were some great pieces and I really enjoyed the feel of the store in general. It's a sort of odd mix of interior furnishings to fashion. So people can be stylish in their home as well as out and about. Would have loved to have bought something but my wallet isn't that full at the moment, more like empty, finding work is hard for a student who isn't free half of Saturdays. There was a lot of fine detail in everything available in the shop, my dad particularly liked the heating. I managed to drag him along, even if it's not his 'thing'. The art pieces where really great. They were all one offs from different artists and designers. It was really good to see how all sorts of diferent views there were on 'love'. One of my particular favourites was a list of lots of different love songs on  large piece of paper, it stood out because it was quite different from anything else there. I have to say though that every one was interesting and brilliant in it's own way.

Another interesting thing to look at was the amount of jewellery, again interesting and almost ancient looking designs. No wonder the price tags are so high. There seems to be a lot of love and care around everything in this shop, from the cushions to the blankets and so on. The love exhibition was also a nice bonus to see. I might just wonder back in there when I have some spare cash to spend. So you know where to go if your wondering around London looking for an unusual store. 

One more great thing I got to see was 'The people's supermarket' as I turned the corner into Great Ormond street  I saw a rather familiar white store sign. I had seen an advert for a documentary on this place, so breifly checking it out and reading some interesting facts on the store windows about them, I caught the program on Tv and managed to point out to everyone 'I was there before it was famous' sort of. I spent the rest of the day going round taking pictures of pretty much anything. So here's my 'love' related post for Valentine's day. The day does manage to depress me but seeing all these love related things popping up everywhere does interest me and I think instead of moaning we should just accept the day for what it is, even if it's all about spending money. New self portraits up soon! I think they are some of the best ones so far! Can't wait to share them. Much love especially on Valentine's day and ty for reading as always, enjoy the photos! ~

You would definitely stand out
 from the crowd with this
Love comes in different colours
Here's that list of songs to get listening to

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Inspirational People : Part 2 : Steven Nederveen on Images

Water features, plants, fish and birds make regular features in Nederveen's work
Hello there! Due to work and so on I have been away this week and looking forward that's how it seems it will be for a while! But I'm determined to bring you at least two posts a week! This week I got to ask Steven Nederveen, a game changing artist all about his work and what Images mean to him. Images play a colossal part in forming people's lives and without them the world would be, well not very much else.

I saw one of Steven's pieces back at the 2012 Art fair where I was on Work experience and right at the end of the hall, there was this magnificent tree staring at me. It was amazing walking up to it, almost like it was glowing. What I love so much about his work is the blurring the walls between photography and Art. To create a 'best of both worlds' effect. Leaving the viewers speechless. It's not like anything I have ever seen and I can tell you all that the images on the computer screen do his work no justice. Below are the questions I asked and you can see the complexity and amount of though which goes into creating Images to trigger thoughts and emotions in someone.

Your work features a lot of these white spots, they are a very interesting feature, when did you start using them and why?
"Most of my work has to do with revealing a radiance that resides within all things, sort of a life force that seeps through the seams, hinting at what lies underneath. It stems from an eastern philosophy that all things are a manifestation of one universal energy and once we can begin to sense/feel this we begin to feel a connection to our environment and humanity.  I use several different techniques to represent this idea. The white spots are sort of floating lights that create mystery and a sense of invisible energies revealing themselves for a moment. These elements bring about a calm meditative quality that calls the viewer to use their intuition in assessing the work. Is this a vision that resonates? Does it feel right? If so, in what way? I want people to feel a connection to themselves, to believe that we are all connected."

Moments of illumination. Nederveen’s paintings, seek to capture the fleeting brilliance of the meditative state—a gentle, shimmering calm; a transformation of  consciousness from that which merely survives, to that which lives in this and other worlds. Light speaks.  
Nederveen’s art makes visible the invisible. Sudden bursts of luminosity reveal the restless stirrings of consciousness and the quiet, dangerous beauty of nature. 

What do you think  is the most important role Images play in people's day to day lives?

"We are inundated with images everywhere we go, most of it is tuned out as visual noise, to say that images can be important on a day to day basis really depends  on the context. For an image to be effective I think it requires a particular quality of attention, it needs time to be digested and investigated. I am mostly interested in what moves people, what resonates inside people. This asks people to feel, to ask and to be curious. I think artwork is a relevant way to ask people to participate in this investigation, ultimately it is a way of finding out about one's self."

When did you first pick up a pen/pencil/camera and start creating Images, what do you think gave you the need to create?

"I was drawing and painting as far back as i can remember, it always been a part of me. Growing up it was always about aesthetics and what makes a good image. Later on I found myself at odds with people who weren't interested in entertaining the idea of self discovery or investigating one's sense of spirituality. Painting became an outlet for that, a way to express my own discoveries and experiences and hopefully meet and encourage others that are on a similar path."

Could you talk us through a little about the process of creating a new piece of work?

"My work is a combination of painting and photography, it tries to blur the boundaries between the two mediums and in a sense blur the boundary between reality (photos) and inner states of being (paint). As people our perceptions of reality are entirely subjective and therefore infinitely varied between people. I use the camera as a way to document a direct representation of reality and then scratch away at the photo and paint onto it to imbue the photo with my own perspective on the world. Which is to try and see the underlying light in all things. There is a thick resin coating pored on top of the piece that provides a wonderful glass-like finish to it. I do this for a number of reasons, it saturates the colours, helps blur the boundary of what's paint and what's photo, it adds to the magical quality of the work and it reflects the viewer into the work. "

Can you Imagine a world without Pictures and Images, If so what's this world like?

"I'm mainly interested in using images for spiritual discovery but I've come to recognize that a great deal of spirituality comes from having honest connections with people and that the sharing that happens is a key factor. In fact much of what is most valuable to people seems to be invisible. Perhaps if we had no images we would be less confused and more adept at sensing  the energy that flows through us and binds us together. "

What effect do you think colours can have on people's reactions and emotions to your Art?

"oh, very powerful! I am a big admirer of colour field painting, particularly Mark Rothko. I owe a lot to him, it was looking at his work once and it made me feel something I had never felt before, I didn't know what it was but it felt very powerful. Later I imagined that it was a feeling that monks must have in deep states of meditation. Years later, having embarked on this path of meditation and eastern philosophies I came to experience that same feeling again. How a swatch of modulated colour can have such an effect is baffling to me. I tried my hand at colour field work but feeling like I was making imitations of Rothko I began to see that I needed my own language to describe my experiences."

Behind the canvas, how do you like to present yourself day to day? (fashion wise) 

"I'm not afraid of colour at all, I love Paul Smith for his playfulness. I like fitted clothes but casual, I'm not one to wear button up shirts too often. I like fashion and enjoy trying on different styles for different moods."

(Sorry for the stereotypical question) And finally what Inspires you? (Especially on a cold cloudy day)
"Cold, cloudy days really are a bitch. I'm inspired by water and the sun! If I think about painting scenes on the inside of a pool or landscaping an awesome zen water feature and imagine how the light will play off things it pulls me out of a rut and gets me wanting to create! "

It was truly interesting to hear what he had to say, so yeah many thanks to Steven and go check out his work! Hopefully one day I will be able to have one of hid pieces hanging in my home. Below is a video which caught my attention on what Images are, I think it says everything I want to say:

So there it is! Hope you enjoyed the post! Back to normal posting starting up soon! Please leave your comments on what you thoughts are as always!

All Images used in this post have been used with permission from the artist

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Feeling Blue as the sky

Took this a while back as well, In winter, why can't I force myself outside to take pictures this year then?
Macy Gray - I Try
How's life? People ask, I always reply 'good' to such questions. After all, my school life is bearable, I have my hobbies to keep me occupied, I have good friends I can talk to, my sleep is always good, and there's usually always something to eat or watch on the television. For me on an everyday basis this is all I need to have a 'good' life. But whenever my answer to that question is 'Brilliant' it's usually because I've got out of my daily routine a little and reached out a little further. I hate saying this every time I put up a post but I'm just dreaming about the sun touching my skin and the smell of pollen making me sneeze. The second is an odd request but only happens once a year, so it's allowed to be missed. So for now I'm not feeling bad but 'good' yet I'll strive to be living 'brilliantly' if that makes any sense. On a side note, I think I have physically lost the will to take self portraits, which is rather sad as I did enjoy taking them every now and then, just hmm well I don't know. I think I need to be focusing more on work at the minute as it is essential I learn how to get the hang of all these equations in Chemistry. So less posting from me, perhaps once a week, twice if your lucky!

'Ashton Kutcher's hair
managed to annoy me throughout
the whole film'
So the last week I watched 'What happens in Vegas' it had Cameron Diaz in it which made it easy on the eyes, but Ashton Kutchers hair managed to annoy me throughout the whole film. It was all about two pairs of friends who got double booked into one room and end up spending some time in Vegas together, and one thing leads to another and Cameron and Ashton end up marrying each other. They then win the slot machine jackpot making things even more complicated AND the judge refuses to give them a divorce and forces them to 'make the marriage work'. It was tedious, slow and a bit odd in parts. However definitely some funny moments. Unfortunately I didn't get the romantic chemistry between the two leading actors, I got more of a friend vibe. Would I watch it again? No, but for what it was it was perfectly ok. 2.8/5 Stars

I have quite a few events planned for the near future, some exciting involvement with Greece perhaps? We'll see. Oh! Before I forget go check out this lovely feature written by Emma : http://wintagenetvoodle.blogspot.com/2011/01/say-my-name-sunday_30.html It's all about how I came up with the name of my blog, was going to post here in the future but whatever, go check it out! I'll have some nice picks from Asos for you next post, and these images are from my portfolio which were all taken a while back in different places! Check the Upcoming events if you want a sneek peek at what I might be posting about! What do you say when people ask 'How's life?' Let me know in the comments below! Please follow/comment/hype/love/share thanks for reading! ~
Watching a world being eaten up by it's own greed
From the chicks shoot remember that?